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Don't miss this chance to meet the Artists, have them explain their methods and what inspires them.
The tour includes painting in oil, watercolour, acrylic, and mixed media, plus pottery, mosaics, glass torch work,
turned wood and jewellery. Here is your chance to get to look behind the scenes,
meet the Artists, see their work and visit their showrooms!

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Nicole Carrie Butty Bear Jeanette Jarville  
Nicole Carrie
acrylic, watercolour & mixed media
Jess Rice
watercolour, acrylic & oil 
Jeanette Jarville
oils, acrylics, and mixed media  
Angelo Morrissey  nicoletta baumeister Veronica Davies   
Angelo Morrissey
watercolour, acrylic & oil  
Nicoletta Baumeister
acrylic, watercolour & oil
Veronica Davies
watercolour & oil 
Sid Samphire  Lisa Samphire  Adele Samphire   
Sid Samphire
grogged stoneware
Lisa Samphire
blown glass 
Adele Samphire
wheel thrown stoneware     
Rupert Scow Lee Caufield  Marilyn Hurst  
Rupert Scow
working in the west coast native art tradition
Lee Caufield
contemporary works in mixed media   
Marilyn Hurst
Lori Chalmers Audrey Bakewell  Bruce Kleeberger   
Lori Chalmers
acrylic, abstract & semi abstract   
Audrey Bakewell
watercolor, acrylic & jewelry
Bruce Kleeberger
stone & wood carving  
iRMA Bijdemast Daniel Strathdee  GABRIELLE STRAUSS  
iRMA Bijdemast
contemporary ABSTRACT artist 
Daniel Strathdee
oils & acrylics 
Gabrielle Strauss
acrylic & mixed media  
Karen Pohlmann Sylvie Peltier (Esspe) David Klassen  
Karen Pohlmann
acrylic & watercolour   
Sylvie Peltier (Esspé)
David Klassen
charcoal, conte, coloured pencil, acrylic & oil    
Connie Glover David Patterson  Colleen Lumb  
Connie Glover
high-fired soda glaze ceramics & mosaics   
David Patterson
mixed media, oil & acrylic    
colleen m. lumb
mixed media
Doris Anderson John Wright June Bloye  
Doris Anderson
abstract in acrylic
John Wright
stoneware ceramics
June Bloye
jewelry, painting & stone sculpture
Richard Schmid  Emily Vincent Alyson Thorpe  
Richard Schmid
wood turning   
Emily Vincent
sterling silver, gold, semi-precious stones
Alyson Thorpe
Thomas J. Anderson Joanne Carter Gary McDonald  
Thomas Anderson
Joanne Carter
  glass torch work  
Gary McDonald
Gail Nesimiuk Georgina Johnstone Sandra Tomchuk  
Gail Nesimiuk
abstract, jewelry, furniture art in mixed media    
Georgina Johnstone
Sandra Tomchuk
Mac Grieve   Mary Stevenson   
Mac Grieve
  Mary Stevenson
textile & mixed media